How Does Naturall Work?

Good question!  Don’t worry though, we’re not going to drown you in incomprehensible scientific information like other companies do.  If you want that, check out our Benefits page for some detailed info on every single benefit.

Naturall works mainly in a few different ways:

  1. Human GI Tract.  As Naturall passes through your body after you ingest it, it literally scrubs and cleans out your entire intestinal tract and colon.  There’s a ton of junk that stays stuck in our body that just plain shouldn’t be there.  This includes stuff like mold, mucus, and even parasites!  YUCK!  The composition of Naturall is extremely hard so as it passes through your body it cleans everything out.  There’s absolutely no danger to you though so no worries.  Think about the plumbing in your house and putting a seriously effective Drano/Liquid Plumber through the pipes.  Your pipes would look squeaky clean and brand new if it worked as it should.  This is the same thing that Naturall does to the inside of your body, except safely and organically!
  2. Not only does Naturall scrub your insides clean, but it detoxes you of another myriad of things you shouldn’t be walking around with either. Things such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, heavy metals, endotoxins, pesticide residues, and even radiation!  When looked at under a microscope, Naturall resembles a sort of honeycomb shape.  Naturall has a very strong negative charge and attracts all the bad guys hanging out in your body back into that honeycomb.  Your body passes it along and flushes it out.  This is how your body is supposed to be.  You WILL feel like a new person.
  3. Inevitably, tiny amounts of Naturall are going to be introduced into the bloodstream.  As it moves through your circulatory system, it begins to have some of the similar effects it does in your intestinal tract.  It cleans out your blood vessels of plaque and bad fats.  This is why so many people on Naturall report drastically lowering their blood pressure or lowering their cholesterol.  Some of our customers have even been able to completely stop using their prescription medications after continued use of Naturall.  Once the Naturall dissolves in the blood, it releases all of its trace mineral content which starts a whole new round of great benefits for you.


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